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Healing Gems | Touchstone Pendants
This collection was designed with respect to the restorative and directional energies of our Earth, to keep us in the present moment, and to honor our true nature, through these carriers of our divine imprint.
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Healing Gems and Touchstone Pendants Collection – Aquamarine, Moonstone, Turquoise and More

Created by forces moving within the earth’s body, gemstones have directional energies and restorative energies. Because we admire them, we have selected several of these natural stones for our collection of healing gems jewelry.

In addition to their energies, each gemstone has its own natural beauty, bringing earthy color and authentic shapes to your accessorized look.

Choose Your Healing Energy

Waxing Poetic can be your resource for finding a strong talisman style pendant to wear with your choice of chain or fashion necklace. Every natural gemstone comes with its own unique energy, and no two gemstones are alike. You can choose any one of these pendants based on looks alone or on looks and healing energy.

Here are the energies associated with some of our popular gems:

Aquamarine (calming and stress reducing; also, cleansing and good for tapping inner strength)

Moonstone (digestion, healthy organs; also, supports inner growth and emotional release)

Rose Quartz (heart and circulatory system; also, supports romantic love, platonic love and friendship)

Turquoise (purification, immune system; also, balance, strength and wisdom)

Please note that we do not guarantee any specific type of healing associated with our talismans. We are offering you the opportunity to enjoy beautiful natural gemstones that may uplift you in some way.

Natural Stone Cut

In keeping with our desire to offer you gemstones in their most natural state, each talisman pendant includes a natural stone cut. The shape of each stone and its edges are typically irregular and polished smooth for easy handling. They look like someone picked them up off the ground and placed them inside a metal frame. This earthiness is intentional and complements your other boho jewelry pieces.

Wear Them Your Way

Once you own your talisman pendant, you are free to enjoy wearing it however you wish. Allow it to dangle from a short, medium or long chain or gemstone necklace. Or, you may decide to pair it with a choker. Consider adding one of your favorite Waxing Poetic charms for more uniqueness.

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