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Jewelry Gift Certificate E-Gift Card – Add the Gift Recipient’s Name and Any Amount Up to $1,500.00.

Do you want to give someone dear to your heart a jewelry gift that you know they are going to love but you’re not sure what items to select?

Make your gift giving simpler by choosing our Waxing Poetic E-Gift Card. This is a gift certificate that you can send someone via email. You can purchase our gift certificate just like you would purchase any of our wonderful jewelry items. Simply decide on the amount you wish to give (your gift can be a minimum of $50 up to a maximum of $1,500) and let us know the name of your recipient and their email address. We’ll also send your personal message along with your generous gift.

Let Them Choose

Figuring out the right jewelry item to give can be challenging when you’re not sure if what you like is what they like. Sure, our jewelry collections are filled with a variety of appealing choices but there’s only one way to remove all of the guesswork — send a Waxing Poetic gift certificate. By making this choice, you empower your recipient to make their own decision about the best jewelry styles and themes for them.

Share Your Favorites

If you like, you can give your gift recipient a helping hand by mentioning your favorites from any of our collections. They may appreciate your ideas and use your suggestions when making decisions.

Fast and Easy

An E-Gift Card takes the hassle out of gift shopping and it saves you a lot of time. Within a few minutes, your gift certificate can be on its way and you’re off doing other things you enjoy.

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