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Anchor Jewelry Collection – Anchor Charms, Anchor Pendants, Anchor Necklaces and More

It’s time to sail away…to a destination where the waters are deep blue, matching the sky, and the dolphins frolic about, swimming around the boat’s anchor. Those times when you’re out sailing or cruising, whether you’re at sea or on the lake are when you feel most relaxed and in touch with your inner happy place. Waxing Poetic anchor charms, anchor pendants, anchor rings and anchor necklaces are a wonderful way to capture those good feelings of being free on the water, bringing them with you wherever you go.

Boho Style Anchor Jewelry Designs

Find anchor charm and pendant designs unlike any others when you shop anchor jewelry at Waxing Poetic. We create boho anchor style charms that complement your boho fashion style. Anchors are featured in a variety of appealing ways in sterling silver and brass. At any given time, you may find two-tone anchor styles, coat of arms styles, anchors embedded with crystals and other appealing choices.

Perfect for Cruising or Sailing

A cruise or sailing trip is the perfect time to wear marine themed jewelry featuring our charming anchors. The anchor is an internationally recognized symbol for water travel and it’s common to see an anchor emblem on clothing and accessories. These charms go nicely with the casual style outfits you enjoy wearing on your boat travels. They even look great with swimwear.

Create Unique Jewelry Looks

With our selection of quality anchor charms for necklaces and anchor pendants, you can create different looks to express your personality. Our charms and pendants can be paired with a favorite chain for a classic necklace. Or, you can opt to wear one or two anchor designs on the same necklace chain, adding additional charms as desired. Alternatively, you can choose our anchor charms to create a fun marine themed bracelet. When it comes to anchor jewelry creation, you are the caption of your poetic jewelry ship.

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