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Amor Fati
Amor Fati is Latin for Love of Fate. Embracing fate is not all that unlike embracing faith- both require a willingness to hold on to some grounding details while embracing and allowing for moments of unexpected wonder.
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Amor Fati Jewelry Collection – Inspirational Cross Necklaces, Charms, Pendants and Earrings

Love of Fate. That is what the Latin words Amor Fati mean. Love and fate are words that are packed with power in their own right. When combined together, well…it certainly gives you something deeper to think about. You may already have some amor (love) jewelry pieces that you enjoy wearing. But what about jewelry that touches upon the concept of fate?

Considering fate as you contemplate selecting jewelry is certainly intriguing, isn’t it? Yet, fate is a concept that’s been around for centuries. What Amor Fati jewelry represents is the idea of loving your fate and finding positivity in whatever happens to come your way. Or, in other words, look on the bright side of life as you face what fate brings you.

Amor Fati Cross

In our view, the iconic cross represents the ultimate Amor Fati symbol of love and hope in the face of all obstacles. This is why our Amor Fati jewelry collection prominently features variations of the boho cross design. There is much to love about this cross jewelry, including its down-to-earth visual appeal. The beauty of the simple cross symbol evokes tremendous sacrifice and embellishments are added to enhance the cross for a touch of artistic style.

Facing the Unexpected with Courage

There are times when you may need to draw upon the strong symbolism of the cross to help you get through certain challenges. It’s good to have a cherished Amor Fati cross pendant or rosary necklace around as a source of strength and courage. This way, you are always reminded of spiritual guidance when the unexpected happens.

Unshakable Faith

Choose your Amor Fati necklace, charm, pendant or earrings to wear as a means of expressing your strong faith in a higher power. Any of our cross styles in this collection can become a treasured keepsake. Charms and pendants go beautifully with other religious theme jewelry, or they can elevate a favorite chain or other jewelry piece with a message of unshakable faith.

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