Little Couragies

The Spinning Little Couragies "The Answer is Yes" Charm

The Spinning Little Couragies "The Answer is Yes" Charm

St. Theresa of Liseux, known to Catholic girls like the Pagliei sisters and many others by her nickname/defacto moniker of “The Little Flower,” was a petite, shy girl in 19th century France whose faith, devotion, and small-scale-but-not-small-beliefwise-fortitude transcended her own expectations and changed…all manner of things.

And so we were inspired, by her and by others, to make these – little reminders, little objects, little indicators of something greater or more complicated than we might know or understand, but that we believe (or are willing to believe) might change things. And they will. And with heart and good faith and good…luck (of a certain stripe).

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