Let’s Hold Hands

Two years ago when we were designing the 2009 collection, many of us needed a little extra Faith to hold on to. With a passion for sacred objects, Patti felt compelled to create a charm that held similar meaning to Milagros, which are folk charms believed to have healing properties.

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Side Lines Inc.

Each of our retailers possesses distinctive individual charm, spreading the personal touch of Waxing Poetic in their communities every day. As a token of our gratitude to our retailers and because we think you’ll love them as much as we do, we will be featuring one retailer each month here on Proof.  We’re delighted to introduce Side Lines Inc. from Florence, Alabama.

Welcome Side Lines Inc.!  We are so excited to have you here and learn more about your store and customers. We know that your priority is to offer a truly unique jewelry assortment for your customers and are so grateful for the success that you have had with the Waxing Poetic Line.

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The Memory Sense

The most pleasurable task of creating our first candle “story” for Waxing Poetic has recently begun, and our offices are awash with all sorts of intoxicating infusions.  Memories of “time and place” smells are surfacing, and we’re approaching this project much the same way we do when we make jewelry…What memory will it hold?  What does it conjure?

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