Believed by ancient peoples to have magical properties and/or contain some of the Northern Lights, its no wonder Labradorite earned the nickname temple of the stars, given that the optical illusion property it has is singular unto itself and is called Labradorescence

Nightaire Pendant

  meaning depending on what direction the viewer is looking at a stone, it will either appear dreamily greyish blue and dim OR suddenly sparkle and appear to manifest colored light from within.

Fly Lightly Hummingbird Pendant


Labradorite is hypnotically beautiful, almost *magical* stone, and when worn in jewelry, is said to pull positive energy towards the wearer, promote good health and healing (both physical and relationship wise), amplify intuition and foresight, inspire creative thoughts, mitigate stress or tension, and foster empathy and compassion.


You will find this mesmerizing stone in many of our designs. It is our belief that by wearing this stone, you take on the properties held within,  complementing own inner light.

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