Spread Awareness & Hope in October

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which reminds us to be hopeful and optimistic that a cure will be discovered soon.  With more than 20o,0o0 new cases of breast cancer expected to occur among women in the United States in 2010 alone, breast cancer is a part of all our stories.  We created our Wing and Prayer Awareness Charm as a steady beacon of hope to give and to share.  For more information on National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, click here.  For more information on breast cancer, click here.

Practical Magic

We are in process of gothing-out (WP style, of course) our retail store out in preparation for a “Ladies’ only” evening of Halloween cheer next Wednesday, Oct 13th. With surprise gifts for our guests, our Practical Magic event is one not to miss!

The spooky soiree will include drinks, light “dark” fare, special guests and discounts. Email rsvp@waxingpoetic.com for your invitation if you have not received one!

Xo, WP

The Memory Sense

The most pleasurable task of creating our first candle “story” for Waxing Poetic has recently begun, and our offices are awash with all sorts of intoxicating infusions.  Memories of “time and place” smells are surfacing, and we’re approaching this project much the same way we do when we make jewelry…What memory will it hold?  What does it conjure?

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More Than Words: Featured Retailer

We are thrilled that more than 1,400 stores across the U.S., Canada, U.K., and even Japan are carrying the Waxing Poetic jewelry line.  We think you’ll love our retailers as much as we do, so we will be featuring one retailer each month here on Proof.  We’re delighted to introduce to you More Than Words in Germantown, Tennessee!

Welcome to More Than Words!  Thank you for joining us.  What makes Waxing Poetic special to you? We love that friends and even strangers will ask to hear the story behind a necklace.  It is a great conversation piece…who doesn’t like to tell their own story and talk about their family?

What are your favorite collections? We love the Square Insignia Charms with the serif letters. The lettering makes me think of kings and queens in their grand castles.


What are your favorite pieces? We like the Fleur de Lis and Cross Dog Tags for a bolder look. The Storybook Pages “When You Wish” and “Once Upon a Time” bring back cherished memories of childhood and fairytales.


What are your customers’ favorite collections? Our customers love the Square Insignia Charms, Round Insignia, and Baby Insignia charms. These are the foundation pieces of Waxing Poetic and they are still selling strong!


What are your customers’ favorite pieces? Our customers’ favorite pieces are the Large Rolo Chain and Medium Rolo Chain, specifically the 18”.  They also like to add interest to their collections by adding gold charms.


What do you like about carrying Waxing Poetic’s line?

Quite often we get women who are so excited to start their own necklace, but are a little lost. They ask “Ok, so what’s the right way to do this?” or “How do I start?” They are always relieved that there is no right or wrong way to do it, that you can’t possibly mess it up.  All of us at More Than Words LOVE the Waxing Poetic line!  We are always excited to wear and show it because there is something for everyone.


Thank you, More Than Words!

Visit More Than Words at 2123 West St., Germantown, TN 38138, on their website and facebook, or give them a ring at 901.755.4388.  Tennessee is not exactly in your backyard?  Find a store carrying Waxing Poetic jewelry near you.

Oh, for the lovelies…Bridesmaid Gifts

For your sisterhood…your best friend forever, your nearest and dearest, your twin sister, your polar opposite sister, your soon to be sister-in-law, and for that random bridesmaid who you were persuaded into adding to your bridal party (hey, it happens.).  For your sisterhood in its many forms, here are some pretty special gifts to say, thank you for their love and support…and for that bachelorette party that got a little out of control.

For a glowing surprise, add a Baby Insignia Charm inside a Miniature Round Insignia Trinket Box, with an individualized initial for each bridesmaid. It’s perfect for keepsakes. Personalize the box with an initial or choose from this fleur de lis, a peace sign, or a croix.

The Freeform Pearl Bracelet is a classy mix of traditional and modern…a thoughtful choice for the ladies who can pull off that certain charm.  This graceful bracelet also makes a perfect accessory for your bridesmaids on your wedding day, so you could give them as your gifts and ask that they wear them on the wedding day.

Here’s a lovely way to combine all their charms in one storied cluster of sweetness.  The Banner Charm Holder (in brass or sterling silver) opens to allow charms to dangle lovingly and securely, to keep their treasures safe and near to their hearts.

These Fragments Bangles will be poetry for their wrists…gentle reminders of love adorning with just the right words on golden brass or sterling silver.

For more ideas, or to just splurge on your right-hand, go-to gals, visit our Wedding Gift Guide.