We are a pretty crafty bunch here at Waxing Poetic.  So for our new Summerland store’s Christmas windows we turned to one of our resident artisans, Jessica Maher, who singlehandedly (ok, maybe she used two hands) constructed recycled paper mache renditions of our Pearl Banner Orb charms.


With all the glitter, glue and homespun, heartfelt sentiment, we are officially ushering in the Season!

Carpinteria Avocado Festival 2012

One year ago, WP was the new kid in town, and wondering what kind of fun there was to be had here, all the locals informed us of the annual Avocado Festival. We cruised down the main street, tasting the delicious food and checking out the vendors. We got to know Carpinteria, and the year flew by.

This year, we are more settled in the cozy beachside town, known for its Citrus orchards, Avocado groves and flower farming. Our generous and fun-loving CEO Patti, took everyone to the festival this year, and the destination was the local brewery, Island Brewing Company, for an Avocado Honey Blonde Ale, a specialty brew that is only made for the “Avo Fest” (that what the locals call it).

The beer was, tasty and we very properly washed it down with guacamole and chips made by the Carpinteria Girl Scouts. Another successful Avocado Festival behind us, and looking ahead for the holidays!

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Hi All,

It’s already the middle of October! October, as you ought to know, is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is a particularly big deal at Waxing Poetic.

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We’re a company predominantly composed of women, we make jewelry (for everyone, but especially ladies), and we’re generally obsessed with honoring mamas everywhere, so when a designated month appears to spread the word about the ongoing battle to vanquish a foe that threatens our heroines, OH YES we’re going to do something about it. Several somethings. And keep on.

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Zagreb, oh Zagreb

So, in recent news of Waxing-land, our friend Brianna had an invitation to read in a poetry festival in Zagreb, Croatia, and we said GO (as long as I could tag along, as, er, a documentarian…).

So she went, and so did I.

This gave me an excuse to follow a small, multi-national coterie of writers around for several days, avoid being directly photographed (always), eat copious amounts of delicious food (yes please), gain a larger appreciation for homemade grappa (even the Italians in tow gave support, which says something good, I should surmise…), and (of course) hear some poetry – in several languages…

But mostly, I got to look…and now, I get to share.

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