Zagreb, oh Zagreb

So, in recent news of Waxing-land, our friend Brianna had an invitation to read in a poetry festival in Zagreb, Croatia, and we said GO (as long as I could tag along, as, er, a documentarian…).

So she went, and so did I.

This gave me an excuse to follow a small, multi-national coterie of writers around for several days, avoid being directly photographed (always), eat copious amounts of delicious food (yes please), gain a larger appreciation for homemade grappa (even the Italians in tow gave support, which says something good, I should surmise…), and (of course) hear some poetry – in several languages…

But mostly, I got to look…and now, I get to share.

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Cheers to 2011

To cap off the end of the year, all of our hard work is introduced in the gift market where buyers from all over the country visit showrooms to get a first look at brand new product. This is where they can get their hands on our print catalog and stock Waxing Poetic in their retail stores.

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Bowling off steam with the WP staff

A few nights ago, our staff (and significant others) boarded a wine country bus (stocked with lots of cheer) and sang our way down the coast to our company bowling party for a much needed competitive decompressing after a super busy season.  And bowl we did.  Not to mention lots of toasting, eating, and all-in-all general merry-making.

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