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Fire-polished cut Czech glass beads carry an Italian made charm clip focal that can hold a story of charms and pendants that are endlessly interchangeable.
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Ensemble Bracelet
Bright Silver Ensemble Bracelet

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New Personal Vocabulary Arriving Soon

It’s all the little things we adore and hold dear. Personal Vocabulary charms symbolize moments and personalities that mean something special to an individual. Each dimensional sterling silver charm is adorned with tiny brass hearts or studded detail.

Personal Vocabulary
Personal Vocabulary 2016

New additions to the popular Personal Vocabulary Collections are arriving online on February 1st and already available at some local authorized dealers!
So, now, a peek into our newest additions to a collective language: an ever-expanding vocabulary of joyful living, piece by marvelous piece. Let’s spread the word (love)…

Travel Love
Travel Love
Sailing Love
Sailing Love
Longhorn Love
Longhorn Love
Foodie Love
Foodie Love
Elephant Love
Elephant Love

Before the new charms are available, take a look at the Personal Vocabulary Collection.
You can also find all NEW Spring/Summer 2016 Collections at your local authorized dealer.

Live True


Risk! Risk anything! Care no more for the opinion of others, for those voices. Do the hardest thing on earth for you. Act for yourself. Face the truth.

Thanks, Katherine Mansfield, we couldn’t agree more.

A Wedding Wish


May you be brave in your love. May you be steadfast.
May you be truthful, patient, forgiving,
willing to be surprised, gracious, compassionate,
willing to yield, willing to bend,
unafraid of experiments and compromises,
undaunted by old fears and foolish notions of unexplained,
unarticulated but perfect harmony –


There is harmony to be had, surely, and perfect imperfectness to revel in, but you are the heroes and heroines of this story, you are the authors and the objects of this narrative and you owe it to one another and the world to be as true and present and real and kind and flawed and beautiful and sometimes awkward and often uncertain but certainly willing to grow and learn and revel in the journey…
…because LOVE is our universal birthright, our greatest salvation, and our most unwavering truth – and now, together, you stand before friends and family and the world writ large and affirm your commitment to LOVE and to one another and this action is magical and transformative. You are now and will always be brave for it.