Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Pictured above clockwise from top right:  Friendship Seal Pendants, Flip Flourish Pendant—you have mine/heart symbol, Camp Charm—Heart, and Remedy in a Bottle—Love Elixir.

Pictured above clockwise from top right: Petite Wing and a Prayer Charm—Heart, Mother of Pearl Brass Heart, Flip Flourish Pendant—my one/my only, Flip Flourish Pendant—To have/To hold, and Storybook Pages in Happily Ever After, Dream Come True, and Ever Lasting.  Browse our entire Valentine’s Day collection.

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  1. I have a big M charm for me and a small H charm for my son. After 6 years of not dating after a divorce I found the sweetest man. His last name starts with H. He jokingly said one time to my family,”awww…and I thought that H on her necklace stood for Hancock.” that’s his last name. Sweeeeet! I want a heart charm to represent him on my necklace… Like the gold and silver ones or the mother of pearl ones. Soooo pretty and sweet!

  2. I think the mother of pearl heart charm is beautifully done- it symbolizes the sentiment of Valentine’s Day in a very soft manner. I tell my daughters they are my heart. They are- all three of them!

  3. The love letter necklace reminds me of the first note, which I still have, that my husband left me before we were married. Ironically, he didn’t write “I love you” in that note, but he has many times since over the years….

  4. I find the mother of pearl heart to be wonderful, delicate and sweet- as I hope my Valentine’s Day will be this year! Happy Valentines Day to all and may love fill your heart always!

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