Bowling off steam with the WP staff

A few nights ago, our staff (and significant others) boarded a wine country bus (stocked with lots of cheer) and sang our way down the coast to our company bowling party for a much needed competitive decompressing after a super busy season.  And bowl we did.  Not to mention lots of toasting, eating, and all-in-all general merry-making.

We have some TALENT in our midst.   Dylan (shipping) and Janelle (retail) were voted  Most Improved, and Most Likely to Eat a Plate of Fries in Under Three Minutes.

It had been so long since any of us had been bowling, and we had such an amazing time partying and getting to know one another even better than we do already.  God Bless the bowling ball, and all things great and small.  And Merry Christmas to All.

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