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July 1st, 2016

The first peek at Waxing Poetic F/W 2016 is here, and I am delighted to share!
Our incredibly talented friend, actress and Broadway dancer Allie Meixner is stunning in our new collections (and she is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside). It is pure joy to work with such a brilliant soul to bring our work to life. Brave, graceful and Poetic through and through.
There are so many new favorites from this release, it is hard to choose one amongst standouts like Periphery, Hyperion, Nightaire, and Wandering Star (and check out the tassels and chain intros – I just love how these are crafted and equally love wearing them)! And new additions to Melange and Kristal that are pure expressions of what we do best.
A long design process — and lots of intricate workings — is now finally realized (and always as rewarding as the process itself). We love what we do and really had a lot of fun with this one… I do hope you enjoy!

– Patti

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June 27th, 2016

Break boundaries with our new floaty Periphery Cuffs and Rings

Waxing Poetic

New Periphery Collection

What happens when you examine space? You somehow find the periphery or boundaries. Here parallel lines are cast in a hammered sterling silver and highlighted with enchanting Labradorite, mystical Moonstone, or darkly alluring Black Onyx. Reminiscent of the aesthetics of 20th century Modernism, this collection will create a history all your own.

Shop the Periphery Collection Here.

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June 20th, 2016

Celebrate YOU with sparkle from our NEW Kristal Collection

Waxing Poetic

New Kristal Collection

The light is changing, and we love it. Discover our newest suite of offerings including the Kristal Collection. Glitter and glamour, meet geometry. A shower of sparkling bright silver Swarovski crystals are set into modern shapes cast in creamy brass. Simply glorious.

New additions include Brass renditions of the customer favorite White Bronze & Sterling Silver Kristal Plate and Halo pendants along with new Verve Earrings. This piquant pair of parallelograms proves the following point: diminutive and dazzling need never be mutually exclusive. In two metal/crystal combinations: White Bronze serves as frame+bezel both for blackened Sterling Silver embedded with dark Swarovski crystals, or Warm Brass, surrounding luminous Sterling Silver field aswarm with a glittering cloud of transparent Swarovski crystals. There is no wrong decision.

See the full Kristal Collection Here.

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June 13th, 2016


Waxing Poetic

New Melange Additions Arriving Soon

NEW Melange additions arriving this week. Enjoy a note on the newest additions to the Melange collection.


A sculptural, sensuous rendering of…mysterious possibilities. Some see ridges and implicit rivers (perhaps vocative of casts made of ancient lakebeds), others see abstracted cuneiform, and others just see texture. Everyone sees something in RIDGE, and everyone sees the right thing for them. While reserved in scale (this pendant is 1’ tall), this pendant offers rich possibilities for those in search of interpretive meaning. Solid Sterling Silver.


Although ostensibly formless, Our CRUSH earrings manage to convey both beauty and a sense of almost gleeful recklessness and adventure. Cast in rich brass and augmented with Sterling Silver, these glowing, ovoid forms hang suspended from french ear hooks like bright explosions (minus the explosion or the noisy parts) in the sky, and translate quite well to fit a multitude of occasions.

Mélange, in French, means a mixture of things, and our new dangling Mélange Ovid earrings perfectly fit this description. Swinging from a delicate strand of sterling silver chain is a glorious amalgamation of a wax-cast sterling silver form dotted with brass and set with Swarovski crystals. Quite pretty, and more versatile than first glance might suggest, these beauties sway when you laugh or move your head. Sterling silver French wire hooks.

Wax-cast in bright brass and dotted with shining sterling silver studs, the Mélange Metamorphosis Cuff is a study in both excess and restraint, and the results are glorious. Both texture-rich, light-catching, and compellingly oblique in terms of ‘meaning,’ this cuff is extraordinarily versatile, timeless in its sculptural quality, and fashion-forward all in one. Cuff fans rejoice, for this is a wide and wonderful addition to your cuff collections.


Wax-cast again and rich with texture, the LINE cuff is cast in Sterling Silver and dotted with bright Brass. A more slim silhouette than some of the other cuffs in this collection, the LINE cuff is nonetheless compelling to look at and wear.


A cuff for those who want both architectural linearity and evocations of celestial themes, the BALANCE cuff offers both and more. Cast in richly textured brass dotted with small Sterling Silver circles, the Balance cuff is composed of three parallel bands spaced just wide enough to suggest separate bracelets, but never allows the clink of bangles…so you could wear this while having a sneaky adventure.


There may or may not be a hidden story or symbols in this design, and we’re not telling either way. What we will say it this: our REBUS cuff is wax-cast, richly textured, and beautiful wrought out of Brass, and features additional ornamentation by way of Swarovski crystal and Sterling Silver accent marks.

See the full Melange Collection Here.

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April 27th, 2016

Staying Home to raise children is not a vacation.
It is Work. A lot of work. A lot of it thankless.
We notice you. You inspire us. You inspire your darlings.
You inspired these…

Stay At Home Moms

Stay At Home Moms

Shop Mother’s Day Gifts.

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