A Place in the Heart: Kady Lemus

A Place in the Heart: Kady Lemus
by Patti Pagliei


I wanted to share a moment that really moved me recently. It was at one of our photo shoots, and I was working closely with Kady, who has been with us for over four years. Kady gracefully shoulders much of the sales and merchandising support for our family of sales reps and distributors, but is also extremely artistic and something of a Renaissance woman – so she has her hand in many of the creative aspects at our company… from styling jewelry to creating all manners of artwork and displays for our stores. Not to mention her talent for making Halloween costumes by hand (and always blowing everyone away!).


On this occasion, Kady was styling our model Alanna, and never having noticed before that she had a distinctive and beautiful tattoo on her arm, I asked her about it.


She told me it was to honor and remember her sister, who very unexpectedly passed away at a young age after a battle with cancer. I had no idea. When Kady shared some of the details of her loss with me, there was such wisdom and clarity in the way she spoke about her sister: it was with pure love and bravery, and also surrender and acceptance. I felt her sister was among us as we were talking. To remember: we are alive here, and in the moment, and living deeply and with care. It was a moment when things that don’t make sense actually start to.


When I asked Kady about sharing this, she mentioned that it is kind of the reason why she works for Waxing Poetic. After her sister’s funeral, her mom wanted to give a special gift to a few of her friends that had helped her get through and she said that they just had to go to this really great jewelry store in Los Olivos called Waxing Poetic. So they took a little trip to the store and spent hours in there picking out the perfect gift for each friend….(which Kady said they all loved by the way!). Kady shared that it was then that she also purchased her first WP piece, the Write Your Own Way arrow, which she says is still her favorite one.



Kady got to talking to our store manager Brynn about the company and a bit later her mom said “you should look into working for them,” as Kady had just decided that she wanted to move closer to home. And “here I am,” she says, “four years later, working for WP… so this company will always hold a very special place in my heart:).”
And Kady’s heart will always have a special place in the heart of WP.

Even though I had never noticed Kady’s tattoo, I have noticed her arrow necklace and now know the profound significance both of those markers hold for her. There are signs all around us, if we pay attention. We each carry them, hold them, sometimes within, sometimes visible, but always there… all the beauty and fraglity of life.

Thank you for sharing your heart and talents with us Kady, and for inspiring us with the positive outlook on life you maintain. We are honored to work alongside you.


There is always a higher purpose, a higher office, the unseen truth and a way out of darkness. Love.


We are one, and we are a force for collective good that can’t be stopped or divided by any single person.  We may be lacking for the things we think we need, but we can always renew the most important quality in ourselves that we sometimes misplace or forget when anger and hatred takes hold, and that is the ability to be love, to spread love, to shine that love into the darkest, most misunderstood, scary places.

my touchstone the day after the election

Let’s be the change, each one of us.  Let’s better understand and aspire to our highest nature. Transformation can happen, it must happen. It is the only way out.  Love really is our best renewable resource.  Let’s use it, and then keep filling it back up and up.

Wishing everyone peace in our hearts, purpose in our actions and love in everything we do.


Love to all, always,



Our Inspiration: The Situationists, an art movement in Paris in the 1950’s, used a word “dérive” (in French, it means “to drift”) to describe the art of getting lost, on purpose, in your own city, in your own life, if just for a little. To rediscover who you are in the world, to relearn what you love, and why, and to remember that it is perfectly ok to find yourself floating, drifting…  precisely so you can find your way home.


Our Process: Drawing aesthetic inspiration from 20th century Modernist jewelry, star charts and tables of the present and the museum-housed past, the music of the spheres and optical or navigational devices of antiquity, we created the WANDERING STAR COLLECTION.



We employed classical forms and glyphs — orbs, stars, arcs, ellipses, etc. and chose some very antiquity-friendly materials in terms of their celestial associations for this group, namely Sterling Silver (the element Silver is associated with several different moon goddesses, most often Artemis, Diana, and Selene) and Moonstone (thought by ancient peoples to be moonlight magically housed within a stone, and blessed with mystical properties), as well as…



… brass, whose grounding properties keep our starry-selves in balance.

See Our Entire Wandering Star Collection Here



Believed by ancient peoples to have magical properties and/or contain some of the Northern Lights, its no wonder Labradorite earned the nickname temple of the stars, given that the optical illusion property it has is singular unto itself and is called Labradorescence

Nightaire Pendant

  meaning depending on what direction the viewer is looking at a stone, it will either appear dreamily greyish blue and dim OR suddenly sparkle and appear to manifest colored light from within.

Fly Lightly Hummingbird Pendant


Labradorite is hypnotically beautiful, almost *magical* stone, and when worn in jewelry, is said to pull positive energy towards the wearer, promote good health and healing (both physical and relationship wise), amplify intuition and foresight, inspire creative thoughts, mitigate stress or tension, and foster empathy and compassion.


You will find this mesmerizing stone in many of our designs. It is our belief that by wearing this stone, you take on the properties held within,  complementing own inner light.

See Our Nightaire Collection Here

See Our Fly Lightly Hummingbird Here

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